Trados Studio Shortcuts – How to Remember Them All?

By Marion Rhodes
English~German translator

Yesterday, I was working on a translation in Trados Studio 2014 when my fingers accidentally hit a wrong key combination. Suddenly, I found myself staring at a new window in my browser showing a clean, side-by-side view of the source text and my translation. After the initial panic (What did I just do? Where did my translation window go? Did I lose any of my work?), I simply closed the browser window and found myself back in my familiar Studio environment. Huh. That was actually kinda neat, I thought.

Apparently, so did my fingers, because I accidentally hit the same keyboard shortcut a second time a few minutes later and was back to the bilingual view. This time, I backtracked and found out what I had pressed inadvertently: Control + P.

Pressing Control + P in Studio 2014 brought up this view in my browser.

Pressing Control + P in Studio 2014 brought up this view in my browser.

This experience reminded me of one of my long-term goals: learn the keyboard shortcuts for Trados Studio. It has been a goal of mine for… uhm, a long time. Let’s just say that the date on the 8-page list of shortcuts I once printed out says 2011. But this “Control + P” shortcut hit a nerve. There have been many times when I wanted to cross-check the source against the target translation on paper, and I usually ended up printing both documents separately. Now, I can just print the bilingual document that shows up in my browser with another “Control + P” and get a neat, side-by-side comparison. Who knew? (I am completely aware that many seasoned Trados users are probably rolling their eyes at me right now…)

Never one to keep a useful discovery to myself, I went to my Facebook page and shared this wonderful finding with my friends. I’m glad I did, because one of my local CTA colleagues quickly replied with a link to a wonderful resource for shortcut-weary Trados users like me: a period table of shortcuts for Trados Studio. This useful reference was created by freelance translator Pieter Beens, and I can’t believe I hadn’t come across it until yesterday. If you’re a Studio user, I highly recommend you visit his blog and download it.

Periodic Table of Trados Shortcuts, developed by Pieter Beens and available at

Periodic Table of Trados Shortcuts, developed by Pieter Beens and available at

As you can see above, it is as pretty as it is useful. In fact, I made it my new desktop wallpaper. Maybe that way I will actually look at it from time to time. Who knows what other cool shortcuts I may discover?

3 thoughts on “Trados Studio Shortcuts – How to Remember Them All?

  1. Hi Marion,
    I agree, there are so many shortcuts in Studio that it’s impossible to remember them all. I always recommend taking on just a few new shortcuts at a time and then practising them lots, to make them second nature.
    In fact, I wrote a couple of blog posts about shortcuts for Studio – one for beginners and another for more advanced users. I hope your readers find them useful too:
    Kind regards,

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